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The How To Salon Policy Handbook

Effective communication and teamwork are terms often used within the salon environment. In order to build the successful salon team that we all aspire to, we realize that communication is vital. Often when the business starts, it is small and most "personnel" issues are communicated verbally. As staff size increases, and more questions arise over vacations, benefits, evaluations and other employee-related topics it is imperative to communicate the salon's policies in writing.

The purpose of this manual is to provide you with the tools necessary to build your own salon policy manual. We have provided examples which are geared towards the beauty industry. We strongly recommend that before you distribute your salon policy handbook to employees, you take the final draft to an attorney competent in labor relations. The lawyer can assist you with disclaimers, and review the contents to make certain that it provides you with the protection that you need.


Call MIKAL and order a computer disk with this manual on it. You can modify the information using the word processor. Customize this manual to your needs, and with the word processor you can easily revise it without retyping the whole thing!

(The contents of this manual are for the use of the individual/business purchasing this manual. It may be used in your business ONLY, and is NOT for distribution to others without the prior written consent of the MIKAL Corporation.)


Purchasing this handbook demonstrates that you sense the need for the salon's policies to be communicated in writing! You, as the reader, may need further ammunition to bring the importance of the salon policy handbook to other individuals within your business. Here are a few benefits/reasons why you need a written salon policy handbook:


The salon industry is a very "people-oriented" business. Owners and managers of the salon often work very closely with the staff and view them as an extension of their family. This closeness can lead to a successful team effort, but it also can lead to disgruntled employees when one staff member is treated differently than another.

Your operational efficiency will be improved by the policy handbook. If you have to stop and make a personnel policy decision every time a staff member asks you about parental leave, unused vacation days, or compensation evaluation, you will obviously use up your valuable time. It's much easier to have a guidebook at your disposal to provide you (and the staff) with answers.


Lawsuits are costly and time consuming. It is important to develop a clear, concise handbook outlining your personnel policies. Enlist the help of an attorney with labor relations experience to review the contents of your salon policy manual.


The salon policy handbook can be used as an effective tool in the hiring and recruiting process. A potential employee can review the handbook, and make a determination if your company is consistent with their personal philosophy. It also provides the prospect with a picture of the operating environment of the salon and what their benefits would be as a member of the salon.

NOTE: You are inviting trouble if you develop & distribute the handbook, but then do not carry out the policies consistently and fairly. There MUST be a commitment from the top to implement and adhere to the policies you set forth!

* The BIGGEST complaint of salon staff is lack of follow through! You MUST use your policy book to guide every employee decision...and follow through!

How do you like this? This is an example of our Salon Policy Manual! Order a copy of the manual and disk for only $59.00. Call MIKAL and order today.

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